Monday, November 23, 2009

Poyboy Fest 2009

We walked over to The PoBoy Festival on Oak St. on Sunday. So cool to go do something that didn't involve driving to and from, parking, etc. The event is free so you just walk right in too. Anyway we met up with Chris Y. at his house for a Bloody Mary and strolled over about 12:30ish. Had a few cocktails... watched The ReBirth Brass Band... saw some friends... eventually strumbled home. I walked back out there later that night with the dog just out of curiosity... mostly just people picking up trash and tearing down the stages, etc. This morning when I drove by it looked like nothing had ever happened on the street. BTW the photos are of no one in particular. Just took snaps of how many people turned out. Oak's a long street and it was crammed from top to bottom.

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Re...... said...

Dam I love skrimp poboys. New Orleans Rocks! Wish we had shit like that around here.