Thursday, September 9, 2010

The "H&R Block Fiasco" Update: Why Twitter Works

So after going back and forth with customer service and getting nowhere I Twittered my displeasure in the company. Immediately got a response (this was many days ago). I declined their offer of help from their Twitter person because I was told that my complaint had been escalated to corporate. I stupidly assumed something would happen. It did not. Finally got a call from H&R Blocks customer service day before yesterday. They essentially told me that I could go pick up my paper work and they had no idea if the problem had been solved or not. I told the lady that that was just fine... but that I would take great pleasure in talking shit about the company on Twitter and any other social network I could think of. And I did... again. Immediately got hit up with an offer of help from H&R Block's Twitter person... this time I accepted his offer. Email exchange below.

On Sep 8, 2010, at 1:21 PM, HRBLOCK ANSWERS wrote:


We spoke via Twitter briefly about your case RES-9727106. I sent an email off on your behalf to Paulette, the agent you have been in communication with. Currently, I am waiting on a response, but I wanted to let you know that I am working on this. So far, the case notes relay that Cheryl from your local office will be mailing your documents to you. I will let you know when I find more out. Thanks for your patience!

Best Regards,

g H&R BLOCK  |  Keith A Graham | Client Services |
P please do not print this email unless necessary

Hi and Thanks.

In regards to mailing my docs to me so I don't have to waste anymore of my time on this. The office in Metairie, LA told me they couldn't do that the I would need to come by and pick those up. So you see once again the left hand doesn't really know what the right is doing.

I appreciate the help... but what I really want from all of this if H&R Block can't stand behind their preparation and fork over the $127.50 (or whatever) is an apology and explanation as to why these people couldn't just figure it out and then call me on the phone to explain what had happened, etc. Just basic business communication skills.

It is absurd... the whole thing.


- Kny


I just spoke with Eva on our Executive Escalations team. She is making your case priority and will be making some calls on your behalf tomorrow mid-morning (approx. 10 AM). If she needs anything from you, she will be in contact with you. If you need anything, please feel free to let me know!

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