Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ding! Ding! Here Comes The Shitmobile!

I was leaving Jackson this evening... headed back to New Orleans. Was on Hwy. 55 when something caught my eye in the rearview. "Holy Fuck!", I thought to myself. "I have to get a pic of this." Don't worry... he wasn't hard to catch back up to. What a work of art! If I saw this thing anywhere else I'd assume it was a joke. But this Tweakstar was serious about his ride. I bet my ass the Kenny Rogers (in plaid shirt) looking guy, driving the thing, smoked a pound of meth and stayed up 6 days spray painting, duct taping and bending tin to craft this feat of engineering. Amazing. It reminded me of an old Maddox masterpiece (hence the post title) DING! DING! here comes the Shitmobile!


Happy Kreg said...

Holy CRAP, that thing is a thing of beauty! Its like a huge middle finger flying down the highway.

Kny said...

Kreg... "A middle finger flying down the highway"... yeah you right. That would be looking at it in a positive light. So true. I love the way the sequence of photos looks like he's blowing past me. More like I was going slow and he was barely passing me. That "stabalizer" put all kind of drag on an already old P.O.S.

Chase said...

I wonder how many times it took him to attached the "wing/stabalizer" to keep it from flying off.