Monday, May 30, 2011

"Hotrod Monster Head Painting" (sans hotrod)

After I had drug all the paints and crap out to piant the gator head I decided to slap something on this old canvas that's been hanging around forever. Just slopped down a random background and decided to put the first thing that came to mind.. and since my brain was altered at an early age by Hotrod Monsters, Wacky packages and shit like that, I just went for this monster head. Did no sketch... put little thought into it... just did it for fun. Whatever. Started it Sunday... finished Monday. FIN.


Happy Kreg said...

If only I had a brand new Meade notebook to stick this on! The kids on the bus would think my shit was the coolest!

Great work.

Kny said...

Awww thanks man. Was something to do ya know.