Friday, July 29, 2011


So I got roped into a night of "Corks N' Canvas™" (Thanks Theresa!) And the end result was a highly corny cemetery scene... anywho... it was fun. No let's get down to business. This is after all a competition. A) Christie's painting. B) David's mask carving (A little backstory. True. A few months ago our friend David took a trip up the Amazon. Unfortunately his boat capsized and he found himself living among the indigenous people. To earn his meal and the respect of the village, he was taught to carve ceremonial masks. He brought me that one back after his rescue. By the way... the name he was given by the natives was a long string of clicks and whistles... but it translates loosely to "Loin Cloth Long". C) Kenny's painting. VOTE ON THE BEST!

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