Monday, July 4, 2011

"in Loving Memory of..."

So Christie and I were driving back down from Jackson, MS to New Orleans yesterday and saw several retarded fucks with these "In Loving Memory of..." decals on their car/truck windows. Typically the Mexican guys have this dumb shit... but we saw an African American chick rocking it.... not a huge surprise... and a Redneck with one... again not a big surprise. If you know me, then you know that I don't like bumper stickers... "Calvin pissing on other things" stickers... hate all of it. Never looks 'cool'. Anyway I was joking around about it and I decided that when I die (and that will probably be right around the next corner) Christie is going to have one of those dedicated to me on her back car window. She has been instructed to pour my ashes onto the roof of the car... and just peel out down some back country ass gravel road. A classy and fitting final tribute. So hold her to it.


Melissa said...

I have one of these. :(

Kny said...

Oh well... to each his own. I probably have things that you'd turn your nose up at. Like my pet Mandril Baboon.