Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christie and I got to catch The Lemonheads doing their "Ray" tour. They played the whole album and then some. During the last opening act Evan walked past where we were standing and I tugged his sleeve and shook his hand... Christie went in for a hug. I had to drop my attitude... normally would never do that. But the guy and his music really mean something to me. Been a fan for many, many years. They started at midnight... this was on a Wednesday during the work week.... so we had to bail... last thing I heard him singing was The Misfits - "Skulls". My head hit the pillow about 3 a.m. Made for a long Thursday. P.S. He did absolutely no in-between song chit chat... just played and sang.

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Happy Kreg said...

Sounds like a damn fine evening!