Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Mardi Gras Indians Next Door

Before Mardi Gras season last year, I noticed my neighbor James (or "Little Man" as he's also known) was having more than the usual amount of people in and out of his house. His nephew "Head" (yes that's his nickname) was outside, and I asked him what they were up to and he told me they were costuming for their tribe "The Young Hunters". He is a "Spy Boy" by the way. I thought that was cool as hell and over the course of a few weeks he showed me how the beading was coming along, etc. I didn't get to see them go out Mardi Gras day.... and I missed them again when they went out on St. Joseph's day. But just last night he walk over to my porch and handed me a handful of photos someone had taken of him (in the light blue costume holding the rifles) and some of the other tribes. These are mostly younger groups from the uptown area. Just doesn't get any more New Orleans than that!

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Happy Kreg said...

Holy CRAP, that stuff looks cool!