Saturday, July 16, 2011

Small, Yet Powerful "Afro Pick"

Since for... fucking... ever I have carried a small Afro Pick in my pocket. Why? because for the "Lion's Share" (and then some) of my life I've had hair to my shoulders and beyond. Am I too old to be rocking that shit?! You are fucking correct! Do I care about 'fashion'. I think you know the answer. I'll be 80 (doubt it) with long scraggly ass hair. But anyway those picks are the shit... lays flat in your pocket and it's ridgid plastic so I'm fairly certain that I could ram it between a fools ribs... with much force. (PS can you tell I'm bored and it's raining? Didn't think so.)


Happy Kreg said...

Why don't you carry the kind with the fist on the handle?

Kny said...

If they made the small ones I would rock that "Power Pick" my man. I'm going to bring back that comb in the back pocket shit... you watch.