Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 1, 2012 Saints VS Panthers @ The Dome

Christie got 4 club level tickets for free via her employer. Very cool of them to do that. $300 per ticket. Not something we would really have been able to swing just for the hell of it. Anyway she and I had never been to a Saints game and other than going in the Dome for business I have never been there for an event as far as I can recall. Was cool to see Champions Square in full swing and of course the Dome renovations have that place looking top notch. Another bonus (not that I really care actually) was to see some of my bullshit booze advertising around Champions Square and inside the Dome. Oh well... looked good I guess. Pays the bills for now. Fun times that day. Also the fifty yard line would have split our seats in half if you visually followed the line up to where we were.

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