Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mr. Bingle Xmas 2011

Mr. Bingle is an old New Orleans Christmas character. He was essentially an advertising mascot for one of the big department stores on Canal Street way back in the day. As a holiday icon he sort of transcended that and is still spotted here around the holidays. I saw a home on St. Charles our first year here that had a metal, hand painted Mr. Bingle hanging on its front door and I made a mental note to make some of those myself. Finally got around to it... but a bad cold stopped me from finishing before Xmas this year. I wrapped them up last week. Will give them to a few people. Only made 8 of them (and that was plenty.) The are hand cut out of aluminium flashing, hand painetd and then I added a two part epoxy finish to make them a little more durable. Really pretty simple... but the character was a pretty simple character.


Erin said...

love mr. bingle. i have one somewhere. got him when i was a wee little girl.

Kny said...

See Erin... knew you'd know of him being a local gal.